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Sometimes it's like - Dude how old are you? You're a receptionist and you're trying to treat me like a dumbarse.

Ohhh I Hate People So Much!!

Its days like today where I wish I had my own private island where people didn't exist. Alls I would need is food and internet. Life would be sweet.

Ah Crazy Months

Once a very long time ago, I had a summer dalliance with a very good looking (or, as my friend said "yummy"), albeit a little bit stupid, 18 year old boy.

4 years later - he's found me on facebook (censored to protect the innocent):

"whats happenin lesley its **** here from *******. dont add me or reply to this message on fb but if u wana chat email me on ********. look forward to hearin from u :)"

Ahhhh it made me laugh - so sketchy and random - but hahah - memories...and its nice to think that he still thinks of me fondly :P.


Things that are awesome:

- The onset of winter, allowing me to bring back my winter appendage - the White Toad Hat. (aptly named because it makes my head look like Toad from Mario)
- The remixed version of Lil Star.
- I have the perfect mix of new music now on my "Recently Added" list, so shuffling totally welcome.
- $11.99 hip flasks of bourbon from IGA.
- Gavin the cross-eyed pharmacist from Discount Chemist Warehouse.
- TV

Things that are not awesome:

- Mike Posner
- The original version of Lil Star.
- Timezones screwing up everything.

Things I Want

This Watch:

This Amazingly Tacky Perfume:

This Boy:


My friend just compared me to looking like Miranda Kerr.

This is possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, notwithstanding that they are so completely wrong its embarrasing...

I'm more Kelly Kapoor I think...

But it gives me something to work towards - hahahahaha.

How embarrassing...

I'm only up because I'm waiting for you...

Hello Old Lesley

I forgot what fun was like.

The last few weekend have been amazing/epic/whatever - considering I have spent the last year in exile - stay-at-home drinking, going nowhere, sleeping at 10 on a Saturday night - I truly forgot the amazingness that is drunk going out.

Week One - Out with Liz at Red Bennies, met random dudes and went to Crown
Week Two - Good Vibes with Liz and Niriko
Week Three - Lupe at the Zoo with Steve and Liz - drunkness at Blue Bar and then Crown, beat up by some fat white trash heifer (me-punch in the back of the head, liz-bloody nose) - then ER
Week Four - Out with Steve in the City
Week Five - House party...not going into it but...yea..

I'm Back ! :D


From ONTD: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/44769093.html

According to imdb.com, Benjamin Ciaramello has been cast as The Riddler. There isn't even a 'rumoured' beside it.

Ciarmello has previously appeared as Santiago in "Friday Night Lights," as well as being featured in episodes of "Brothers and Sister"s and "Grey's Anantomy." He was briefly tipped to replace Taylor Lautner in "New Moon" when the latter hadn't been confirmed.

Does he have what it takes to play The Riddler, if this is not false information?

I feel somewhat dirty that I already saw this alleged casting like a 5 days ago, because I was stalking Benny Ciaramello's FB and IMDB after watching the Santiago Eps of FNL - bahaha.....dear lord what a hot piece of ass - if this is true....bahahaha.

Yellow Fever

I'm slightly outraged by Yellow Fever - it is my new biggest pet hate - I think its gross and vile and stereotypes Asian chicks as airheaded subservient skanks who don't understand a word of English but give great head.

It's gross - and in reality these chicks are sly bitches who just want a Visa and a trophy to show off to their other Asian friends.

That said...I am aware that I may be slightly hypocritical, but I don't think I am...am i?